NX300 Official - See the News!

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Re: NX300 Official - See the News!

At first glance, the NX300 seems to promise what's lacking from the current NX cameras.

  • slow processing performance
  • poor DR in low light conditions
  • very small buffer, frame-per-second drops significantly after the first 8 or so shots.

All the articles simply copied what Samsung Marketing said. It remains to be seen if they addressed these issues that bug me with my NX210.

I also noticed that Samsung lenses have problems of their own:

  • poor built quality (I have the 18-55 and 55-200), zoom ring feels uneven
  • thin plastic shell that you can squeeze / creak
  • noticably weaker IS performance when compared to my Canon & Nikon DSLRs, even Sony NEX and Pany lenses have better IS than Samsung.

One more feature that I would love to see in NX cameras:

  • remote jack for external wired/wireless remote, time-lapse and intervalometer. DSLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, mirrorless from Panasonic and Olympus have it.

Lack of the remote jack limits the photographer creativity.

Personally, I don't care about EVF. It's good to have a built-in one, like my Pany G5, but if it doesn't have it, it's ok. It is not a deal breaker.

Would I buy the NX300? Maybe. If the price goes down to about $500 or below. That means I may have to wait until next holiday shopping season in Nov-Dec 2013.

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