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I think if Pentax could somehow lower the cost on the 645 it could be their answer to the FF cameras from their competitors.

I'd love a camera like the 645D, but let's be honest, it's not going to be an answer to Canon or Nikon's FF offerings because of the different lens mount and the availability and price of the 645D lenses, not to mention the sheer size of the camera! The 35mm FF cameras are using the same mounts as the APS-C and there are a ton more lens options for them.

You mean, the 645D is so tiny and cute it can't compare with the sheer size of those professional 35mm cameras?

Um, I'm really not sure how you read that into my comment, you're pretty much backwards from what I said...

It's just that the 645D is not using the K-mount, never will, and so doesn't provide a true upgrade path for the Pentax APS-C dSLR line unlike the Nikon/Canon options. Add to the fact that 645D lenses are very expensive, and there are a lot less of them, I just don't see it happening as a consumer option and so, no, it cannot be the Pentax answer to 35mm FF and it's unreasonable to expect otherwise.

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