HS30 First impressions.

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Re: Remembrance of cameras past.


Nonsense. Till has a very clear agenda to bash any Fuji bridge camera except his precious droopage plagued X-S1.

not so, his quit drooping sometime back

His relentless attacks against the HS30 are ridiculous and expose his well known lack of talent.

if there is a lack of talent he does make up for it with a lot of effort

One can clearly see that with his relentless arm waving and slandering "Fisher Price toy" comments.

I'm one that doesn't

In other people's hands, one can see fine work by these cameras.

that is true, but also true of some really second rate cameras...(effort and talent are the important ingredient)

In Tills hands we get garbage and virtual endless stream of insufferably incompetent remarks.

not garbage, but if he doesn't like it he doesn't try to make it look 'better'

The HS30 may not be the highest spec'ed camera on the planet, but it is far more capable a device then Till could ever show anyone

I think it is his decision rather than inability.

I get the distinct feeling that rather than beating your wife or kicking dogs a few people just let loose in the FF...I suppose this is better for the wife or dog but it doesn't add anything positive to the FF or the world in general.

so.........people...Just Give it a Rest will you?


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