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Re: Great bunch of guys here

Craig wrote:

I would like to be able to help others too, but my experience is limited.

I just printed out another test print using PS controls colors with RC and BP . I did a couple of 5x7 one of the test image and another of a picture that I will be making an enlargement of for a friend.

Now that my monitor is calabrated I adjusted that print a bit more and using the glossy paper it came out very nice and the test chart looks fine

So its basically going to perceptual and BP.

What about when I go to the QI side of things? Will that change how the color are printed or not if I use the same setting in QI?

Nope I should comeout identical. You are still going to turn off color management in the R2000 ( Mine is permantely turned off ) You are stil going to choose your glossy paper and the same paper type and quality levels in the driver. In the are in Qimage where you choose the ICC profile ( The little circle to the left of the current profile list ( Look atr the screen caps I sent you ) you click on it, choose your identical profile and choose the same rendering intent and BPC. The resulting print will match a PS or Light Room print as long as you are consistant with your set up and process. In my three part BAsic C Management video I proove that by printing to a R1900 ( prints identical to the R2000 ) form three different apps.

I like using QI since I dont have to size my pics and I can select a bit of sharpening if I think I need it.

And you can save your job setting for recall at any future time. The next time you print you will not have to even think about it.

I am leaning to sending back the munki display and order the Photo.


I am so upset that who knows how long I have been playing around with these cheaper calibrators and its been messing up my quality output.. My albums have been ok, but I am sure because I assumed the calibrator was correct and it was off, I could have produced much better prints. This business is so hard as it is when you are on the top of your game and then you find out you are not because of stupid step you missed... Idiot I am.!!@!!

No you are not an idot! We ALL have gone through this and I promise once you get this down pat, you will laugh in retrospect. Been there done that!

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