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Re: Great!

honeybz wrote:

I use it and have been using it for years. I get great results. I've had custom profiles made from equipment costing many times what a ColorMunki costs and using Profile Prism I got better results. Go to the website (Qimage) and go to the Profile Prism Forum. I'm not saying Profile Prism is better than a ColorMunki but equal. If you already have a scanner it is a lot less expensive than buying a ColorMunki Photo.


I have an Epson 1200U scanner not sure what resolution or quality you need for a good scan that will work.

If I already did have a scanner then I would dismiss this idea.

At least I know that the munki display is working great and I saw results, thats a giant leap forward.

Hey if it does what you say it will for $79 more it would save me about $200, since I have to eat some costs shipping back and lose the next day I bought it with.

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