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Read my post above (link).

Craig wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Craig wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Craig wrote:

I just calibrated my screen using the color munki display.

Let me tell you this thing made a huge difference. MY display went from a blueish tint to a much warmer color.. wow.

Did I not tell you your screen was too blue so you were eiditing the blue out by adding yellow to neutralize the blue?

So the stinking eye1 display 2 that I have is no good... Here again I thought it was working and it is not and I was producing too warm colored prints. Duhh.. Piece of junk. I have no idea if it ever worked properly,, I doubt it.

So do I keep this or do I send it back and get the munki photo version? I found a place for $399 anyone see it cheaper anywhere?

YOU WILL NEVER REGRET getting the color version. ( Sorry for the shouting but just making sure you get me ) You will have to rip my CM Photo from my cold dead hands!!!!

I need to know if when you calibrate for the printer which profile does it change? If the adjustment is done to my display that may not be good since I have lab prints made for my albums and it would be printer specific.

They are TWO SEPARATE Profiles neither one has anything to do with the other. The new monitor proflie will load automatically everytime you start your machine. DO NOT EVER assign the monitor profile to your image files. It only tells the monitor what R,G and B should look like and combintaions of those three colors. It's a lot more complicated than that but no real need to get into that unless you are a color engineer.

When you create a paper / printer profile you are basically creating an intruction file that will tell your R2000 how to CORRECTY reproduce any color value it sends to it.

That's why when your CM Photo sends the first set of color patches ( composed of VERY specific color values, saturations and densities ) you print that set of patches directly from the CM without ANY alteration AND with COLOR MANAGEMENT turned off at the printer driver, and the correct paper type and quality chosen, you print it.

The printer then says, I should print thisand that color like so, which will VERY LIKELY be wrong. Then when you scan those printed color patches the CM will read the printed values and it will KNOW how far off this way or that way the rendered printer color patches are when compared to the original value sent to it. Once it figures that out, it will then produce a secondary set of color patches that you print which the same identical driver settings and scan those again. The CM will then through some heavy duty processing create the final profile file. The CM will automatically store it in the correct HD location for you.

So then later on when your printer recieves an image file containing a multitute of different color values it will now how to correct how it thinks the various ink colors should be mixed in order to reproduce them correctly.

I am impressed how well this worked and I can see on my screen where if I go through my prints just using the Hue slider I can tweak out a lot of the yellow.

I am going to adjust a few pictures and see how they print out now..

Craig, all I can tell you is I told you so! I always though my monitor was correctly set as well till I discovered the CM Photo. I was shocked. From that point on I can print to any of my 15 printers without a even a thought. If and when you move up to CM Photo, you will look back at this time and laugh!!!!


I guess I will bite the bullet and probably go for it I hope I can send the Munki back to amazon.. I hate to say it but I will never earn enough to get my investment back on it..

On another reply I offered to create some RR Profiles for you. If you would like, then you can just use your CM Display to make sure your monitor is always in tip top shape.

Let me know as I have many diferent RR papers.


Let me ask you, when you printed out then used the M Photo on them did you notice there was a noticeable difference? Was it minor? I have a feeling that I when I make another print on the Ultra Satin using their profile it will still be a bit warmer than I would like, if that is true the Photo munki will adjust it out? Also Bob said to use RC instead of Perceptual? Does it matter that much?

You need to slow down, get those two prints to match #1 and #2.

When #2 matches your screen, then print it out with Relative intent, no BPC, Relative with BPC, and Perceptual to see the differences.

Then go on to using the RR papers and profiles.

Bob P.

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