Newbie: Will I notice the difference with a prime lense?

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Re: Newbie: Will I notice the difference with a prime lense?

Generally speaking primes at any given focal length will be optically superior to a zoom at that same focal length as a zoom is a compromise to get the best results over a range of focal lengths, where as a prime is designed to get the best results at that focal length, and usually a prime will have a larger aperture (or at least the same aperture) as a very good zoom lens.

Larger Apertures will allow you to shoot at lower ISOs , faster shutter speeds (or combination of both) and in lower light situations without a flash (on camera flashes tend to be harsh and direct lighting - on off camera flash will give you more options and can provide more diffused and/or indirect lighting, like bouncing it off the ceiling)

The downside of larger apertures is shallower Depth Of Field which can make focusing more difficult and really show how good your technique is.

If you have spent a lot of money on really good zoom lenses, you might not notice too much of an improvement. If you have cheaper kit lenses, then the improvement will be more noticeable.

You might know much of this already, so sorry if it is not as in-depth as you were wanting is a pretty good site to check out for lenses, and they usually have links to more professional reviews of lenses that go in to detail about lens specs and performance

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