Need a new calibrator?

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Let's clarify some things here....

Craig wrote:

Petruska wrote:

Craig wrote:

Thanks, I will try it.

After calibrating the monitor I went back to that picture and readjusted it. I got it to look much closer to the screen but it still has a touch more warmer color to it.

Here it is.

Also do you think I should be able to get by with just the munki display?

The photo one will cost me another $250..

If that standard test photo matched your print as you stated it did, then you must make all your adjustment to the above photo in PS using the PS image adjustments. You should never touch the printer's slider adjustment from this day on....

If you are only going to use Epson inks, then we can say yes the CM Display is fine and as long as the the 3rd party paper suppliers have ICC profile available then you can get some great prints.

Once you change to 3rd party inks, papers without ICC profiles, and even to get print results that are better than Epson's own supplied ICC profiles then you definitely need to go to the CM Photo to gnerate your own ICC profiles.

I know better than to touch the printer sliders. I edited this in PS.

So with the Munki Photo I print out there color chart using the profile for the paper, and it will correct the colors so if indeed I am getting a warmer image than I should that will do the trick?

Take the standard photo as example....

1. You printed that Standard photo with PS letting the printer manage colors using Epson paper and ink, Printer driver Mode - Epson sRGB, and you told us that print matches your CM "Display" calibrated monitor extremely well. If this is not true tell us?

2. If you now print that same Standard photo with PS letting PS managing colors, choose the correct Epson ICC profile from the list, Printer Driver Mode - OFF (no Color Management), you should get the same print (colors, image quality) as with #1.

3. If you buy the CM "Photo", make your own ICC profiles using the same Epson paper and ink, and print as outlined in #2 above, you should still get the same print (colors, image quality) as in #1 and # 2 above.

All three prints should be identical!

Yes there are slight printer variations that will give slightly different prints, but all three prints should look great.

The CM "Photo" is used to generate your own printer ICC profiles to get rid of those printer variations, and is definitely required if you go to 3rd party inks and does a better job than paper supplied custom ICC profiles.

Does this make sense?

Bob P.

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