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Re: forum etiquette

Thank you Dadelous for starting this thread.  And thank you Raaj for posting the twelve elements to define an image.  If nothing else pops up here those are more than useful.

I treasure this forum because of its civility and the general high quality of the images.  I don't post much here for one big reason however:  I don't own a Leica.  I know that this issue has been raised a number of times and members have been quick to be inviting to those who don't, saying it is open to anyone.  Yet I am not so sure of that.  I feel it is predominantly a Leica club, and while visitors are welcome, that's not the same as being a member of the club.  I will probably never own a Leica, partly because of cost but more important because I am happy with the camera I have (a Nex 7 with lots of MF lenses), and that it will be a long time before my photographic skills outpace my equipment.

To be specific I have posted images here a number of times, looking for constructive C&C and have met either with silence or only minimal -- admittedly friendly -- response.  I keep thinking of the young playwright who asked George Bernard Shaw for his opinion of his new play.  The young playwright complained "I asked you for your opinion and all you did was sleep through it" (quote may not be precisely accurate), to which Shaw replied, "Young man, sleep _is_ an opinion."  Well maybe silence is an opinion, maybe not, and maybe it's deserved, but would it be different if I posted an M9 picture?  That is my question.  Let me say  I understand fully that viewers are more interested in seeing what Leica's can do, and that is fine.  But please you can be honest about what this forum means to everyone, and that can be done without being rude or nasty.

In any event I will keep reading it because I enjoy so much of what goes on here, both discussion and the many images.


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