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Re: I'm going to be the pain...

Craig wrote:

Petruska wrote:


You now need to do this so we all know where you are at.....

1. Print the "uneditied standard test photo from "PS", with the "printer manging color" setting.

2. In the Printer Driver - Use "Epson" paper and choose it correctly, choose in Mode, Epson Standard sRGB.

3. Print, and the print when viewed under the correct lighting should match you monitor extremely well.

Bob P.

Ok I did what you asked and use these settings and printed on epson glossy paper.

The print does match very well.. That color munki really helped. Do you think I will need the munki photo or can I get by with this one?

You will open up a world of possabilites! Think of being able to create CUSTOM profiles for just about any material compatible with your R2000. You might ba saying, well I can just use RR's profiles and that's good enough. Did RR use YOUR R2000 to creat those RR profiles. That would be a big NO. There are minor differences between different printer entities. SO being a super fnicky person as I suspect you also are, I would not accept anything less than MY OWN profile for my R2000 ( or whatever )

Also these settings you gave me, like Mode epson standard sRGB, is that the best setting for when the printer controls color?

What about when I use profiles from RR papers?

NO when you use PS, Lightroom or Qimage to print with your RR profiles, you disable ALLLLLLLL colora management in your driver. You just chose paper type, size and quality setting. Your RR profile will then step in and control how color vaues from your image should be interpreted. NOT YOUR DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Again I am using caps to emphasize! I am not shouting at you my friend!

Printing that Standard file is as it's name says a Standard. It is a baseline image that is used to make sure you printer is woerking correctly. So it that case and ONE in that case do you NOT want your editing or printing application control colors. Once you are sure that the printer is printing correctly then, and only then should beging to use so called color management and Custom Profiles.

So it is like a control print. Bob is not asking you to do this for the heck it, he absolutely knows what he is talking about, much more than I!!

Everything will sort itself out now that your monitor is correctly set up.


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