Need a new calibrator?

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You got a print that matches your monitor....YES!

We keep stating that you need to have a properly calibrated monitor to get anywhere with a proper print....I hope others in the same boat read all your posts.

Now if you used "only" Epson papers that are listed in your Epson printer dirver and Epson inks there really isn't much to gain using the Epson supplied printer profiles unless you are going to soft-proof in PS.

Regarding the Mode selection in the Printer Driver, you change that from sRGB to OFF(No Color Adjustment) to use the ICC profiles in PS, just make sure that when you use an ICC profile in PS you change from "printer manages colors" to "PS manages colors".

You should now set the Mode to OFF(No Color Management), change PS to "PS Manages Colors", select the Epson Photo Glossy ICC profile, Relative intent, and check BPC. Print that same unedited test photo and it should match extremely close, if not exact, the print you just made with the printer managing colors. If it does then you are on your way to print with the Red River papers, only difference is you now select the RR ICC profile, read their text file that came with the profile it tells you what Media (paper) setting to choose in the printer driver.

Good luck!

Bob P.

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