Need a new calibrator?

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Re: Sorry if I am a huge Pain!

Sal Baker wrote:

Craig wrote:

I just calibrated my screen using the color munki display.

Let me tell you this thing made a huge difference. MY display went from a blueish tint to a much warmer color.. wow. So the stinking eye1 display 2 that I have is no good... Here again I thought it was working and it is not and I was producing too warm colored prints. Duhh.. Piece of junk. I have no idea if it ever worked properly,, I doubt it.

So do I keep this or do I send it back and get the munki photo version? I found a place for $399 anyone see it cheaper anywhere?

I need to know if when you calibrate for the printer which profile does it change? If the adjustment is done to my display that may not be good since I have lab prints made for my albums and it would be printer specific.

It doesn't change any profiles, it makes new print profiles for each paper/ink combination you use. You need to make a different profile for a each specific paper, or you can use the profile provided by the paper manufacturer.


I am impressed how well this worked and I can see on my screen where if I go through my prints just using the Hue slider I can tweak out a lot of the yellow.

I am going to adjust a few pictures and see how they print out now..

He only has the Display Model not the PHOTO.

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