Decent film camera?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Questions thread
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Too many possibilities, give us a clue

skpman wrote:

I'm interested in buying a cheap film camera to toy around with... but have no knowledge of film cameras. I'm not looking to build a whole new lens set or anything.. hopefully stay under $100 max.

Do you have an existing DSLR and want to use the same lenses? Or be able to adapt the old lenses to the new camera?

Old cameras from ebay are somewhat risky: many work fine, but just as many need minor repairs (e.g. shutter timing adjustments, sticky apertures, dead meters, etc) and almost all need cleaning & new foam light seals. You are more likely to get a working camera if you buy from a used dealer like

"Cheap film camera < $100" covers 70+ years and countless styles: SLR, TLR, rangefinder, box camera, autofocus, etc. and sizes from a Minox spy camera to a 616-film box camera. Fixed lenses or interchangable lenses. Auto-exposure only to manual exposure without a built-in meter. You'll have to narrow down what/how you want to use it.

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