Printing with NX2 verses Photoshop

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On the sharpening....

yes, on screen 66 looks slightly over sharpened but I use those settings for correct sharpness in the prints. If you preset sharpening to 7 in the neutral Picture Control  and then use 66 yes I can see too much sharpening resulting.  My in camera preset sharpening is 2, that's more for my JPG files as discussed below.

Regarding RAW settings in NX2...

Yes, NX2 does apply the Picture Control's sharpness, WB, and any other in camera settings you make and the photo displayed on the screen show those settings results, that's the beauty of NX2.  PS and Lightroom does not, it is just the natural RAW files with those apps.  The in camera Picture Control settings are also applied directly to the the JPG file if you shoot JPG.  I always shoot RAW+Fine JPG.  That way I have the JPG's immediately for web viewing, slide shows etc.

I hope that this makes sense.

Bob P.

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