Need a new calibrator?

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Re: Sorry if I am a huge Pain!

Hugowolf wrote:

Craig wrote:

I just calibrated my screen using the color munki display.

Let me tell you this thing made a huge difference. MY display went from a blueish tint to a much warmer color.. wow.

At what color temp, gamma, and luminance level (intensity)? Certainly if you built a profile at D50 it will be very warm.

I am impressed how well this worked and I can see on my screen where if I go through my prints just using the Hue slider I can tweak out a lot of the yellow.

You shouldn't have to be tweeking out yellows. How does a standard test image print?

Brian A

when I mean I tweaked out some yellow it was from my previous pictures that I was trying to print and getting very warm prints with the monitor now calibrated correctly , I hope..

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