David Busch's Olympus OM-D E-M5 Guide to Digital Photography

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Re: An evaluation of the book

I haven't read Busch's E-M5 book but I do have a copy of his similar book on the Olympus E-5.   I was a bit disappointed in that one, and glad I didn't spend full retail price for it.  If you're unfamiliar with Olympus camera menu systems,  his books are certainly better than the manual Olympus supplies.  However, I agree with those above who noted that there really isn't too much that isn't in the user manual or available on-line if you google it.  I may get his E-M5 book, if I can get it on sale or used, simply because it is a better reference book than the supplied manual.  By the way, I always figured Olympus must have the worst user manuals, until I bought a Ricoh camera, and it was actually worse than any Olympus manual I've run across.  At least Olympus manuals have a proper index, but it is a bit insulting when you spend $1200 on a camera and the manufacturer doesn't even supply a proper printed manual. (Sort of like spending $900 on a lens and not getting a lens shade!!)

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