Debating getting an A57 (Yay or Nay?)

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Re: Debating getting an A57 (Yay or Nay?)

McLuhan wrote:


Overall A57 is a very attractive entry level slr-style aps-c body. And you may spend even less than what you have to pay now.

It is rumored that by 31 Jan Sony would announce the next generation A3x or A5x body and might hit the store in 1 or 2 months,thus it won't let you wait too long. You currently already have many A bodies so I think you can wait a bit more without having the risk of not having any gear to shoot with in the following monthes.

Then, A57 will certainly drop its price as its successor is now here so you can save some extra money for yourself and you get the A57. Or if you think the upcoming A59 is a step forward compared to A57, just get the new A59 instead. Any purchase before then will make your wallet suffer a little more.

Or,if you think any A5x is simply underspeced for your demand, just get A77 instead(but again you may wish to wait until Canon/Nikon release their Semi-pro APS-C body this spring so that the price of A77 has to be lower since it would be an dated camera compared to the new offer from the big boys)

Just a little bit more time of waiting and you can save more and still get what you want, or sth even better ! It's not far away, don't miss this chance while you can clearly see it within your reach !

Unlike you, I am currently a Sony HX100 superzoom shooter who now desperately need a decent size sensered body plus some fast glasses for portrait and indoor high iso theatre shootingthis spring(I am in my final year of university life and I wish to shoot some portrait for my girl classmates and if I missed the final train I have to source somewhere else for potential models as most of them are not living in my city and will go wherever their job is calling them to:) However I still decide to seize this opportunity of the upcoming spring product annoncement just to cut down the cost of the camera body a little bit more.

Now you decide!

Keep shooting!


Thanks McLuhan, for taking the time to reply at length; much appreciated.

As you will have learned by now, I did in fact purchase the A57 yesterday, at a price of just $499. (CAD) I believe that it is unlikely the price will drop lower (here in Canada, at least) if I waited. I follow prices closely, and over the past few years have become quite adept at sniffing out bargains, including my A500 for $399, and also the A550 for the same ridiculously low price. At $499 for a sealed A57 with a full two year warranty (Sony Canada) I was certainly not willing to hesitate another second, for fear of missing the deal. And sure enough, by late yesterday Dell was no longer showing them at this price. The next best is Sony Canada, who currently list it at $529... though I suppose this may only be for a day or two, so if any of my fellow Canadians are in the market, move quickly!


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