Panning a scene with your viewfinder

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Re: Panning a scene with your viewfinder

zackiedawg wrote:

digititus wrote:

And that is precisely the point being missed by those posting examples of good action captures. If you fire off enough shots, you don't need any VF. Dumb luck will get some keepers. But as you say, it is a whole different ball game when you are trying to capture a sequence of action.

Well that's going a bit too far in the other direction. A good birder doesn't just fire off enough shots and hope dumb luck gets you a shot. Even shooting with my NEX, signficantly more handicapped than my DSLR in several ways (EVF being just one of them), I never spray and pray, and I never come home from a day of birding with 7,000 shots to weed through and find a handful that worked. I pan with my subject, and I fire when I know I've got it framed and focus confirmed, and I might fire a sequence of 3-5 shots at a time, backing off, and maybe firing again for another short burst. I might shoot 5, 10, at most 15 shots of a single bird in flight - and not because 14 will be out of focus and it took that many to get one right - you do it to get the right head position, the right eye glint, and the right wing position all in the same shot. It may take going through 10 good, well focused shots to get the one where the wings and the head and the eyes and the feet all were in just the right pose.

The problem as always with these threads is that it takes on a black and white argument - EVFs can't be used at all for any action vs. EVFs are absolutely perfect and a 100% match for an OVF no matter what. And of course, both of those arguments are wrong. The truth lies in the middle, and the choice lies with the buyer.

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Justin, I was exaggerating to make the point that if you are trying capture one off action shots, that is easier than capturing a sequence of action where direction might be changing.

And you are right, this argument is not entirely black and white. My only camera is an EVF. There are some places where it performs better than an OVF, and there are times when it does not perform as well. In my opinion, action photography is one of those situations. That doesn't mean I can't get some good shots, it just means I don't like the feel. But that's my opinion and no one is likely to change it.

My hope is that Sony also recognizes this is a weakness that needs to be improved, but if everyone says it is just fine that doesn't give them much reason to work on it.

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