How do Jtoolman's R2000 push button carts stack up.

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Re: How do Jtoolman's R2000 push button carts stack up.

I hope you and your wife soon recover from the evil stomach flu and get back to printing ASAP.

I've run these carts now extensively and they do live up to my expectations. The hold up to 18ml of ink each and refilling and resetting is a piece of cake.

Move head to ink change position, replug all the vent holes. Top off each cart, push each of the eight individual reset buttons which basically performs the "Short out to reset" procedure to reset the chip as with the other commonly available R2000 carts, remove all the vent plugs once again and hit the ink button. That's it.

No need to ever remove the carts. The cart is a two part cradle and damper which together filts as a normal cart would. The only negative point is that though the resetting battery behind the chip is replacable, it is not as easy as with the manual short out carts. You literally have to remove the chip from its retaining posts to get to the #377 watch battery. You would have to use some double sticky tape to reinstall the chip. I expect many resets from each cart before I would have to go through this.

The bad news is that the dealer in China that I purchased the first batch from is not longer selling them. The only other dealer I found to carry them charges what I currently charge per set. And his prices are wholesale!!! So after I sell the last of two remaining set, I will only have the regular short out type which are still very good carts but hold about 5 ml less ink per unit.

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