Printing with NX2 verses Photoshop

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Re: Howard....

Petruska wrote:

.... I shoot Nikon DSLRs in Neutral mode, I find that applying in NX2 a 20% contrast, sometimes a 5% color boost, and unsharp mask (66,5,4) gives me an excellent print match to my monitor to where I just use NX2's auto batch conversion processing with these settings most of the time for all my wedding photos. I use PS for special editing adjustments.

Bob P.

Bob, I'm curious as to your unsharp mask setting of 66.  If I go over 15 in the sharpening, I get dinged for being "Too sharp."  Out of QI Ultimate though, I set it for 12 for its sharpening in the print so maybe it's there where my sharpening is getting max'ed out at?

I do have the in camera menu "Neutral mode" sharpening set to 7 though but never really got a good explanation if applying there also affects the NEF too in some degree when CaptureNX2 reads it.


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