Howe many consider their personal footprint?

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Re: Howe many consider their personal footprint?

Its a wonderful thing landing on the ball as a human, other species are not afforded the same leisure time and complex communication skills. Even within that paradigm pondering questions like the one Bret puts is a privilege historically offered to the very few.

The ancient Greeks touched on it with notions of universal harmony, offering insights into our place in some timeless truth. We seem to have slowly moved from that position over the millennia to one seemingly more physically pragmatic - perhaps sometimes even seeing ourselves rightly or wrongly as some sort of infestation.

A question of impact is now widely discussed within the small circle of the worlds affluent, accordingly we likely bring our own prejudice and assumptions to any discourse, attitudes an infinity away from those in the third world.

Perhaps some return to a notion of Mother Nature as a very real being would help us become more compassionate and understanding to her demands if she is to flourish, seeing ourselves as just one part of her gestalt - accordingly we may then see ourselves more as part of the balance.

We may be the most conscious part of mother nature, individually and collectively, though with that mantle comes responsibility - that would seem a reasonable start to begin to answer Brett's question.

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