NEX 7 assessment after 6 months, please comment

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
franzel Contributing Member • Posts: 797
DSLRs are better

I agree with the OP's argument that DSLRs do everything better than a Nex or similar mirrorless cameras - every single thing .

I also agree that the menu and controls are a nuisance, in all Nex models, and I have yet to find any advantage over traditional layouts , but lots of shortcomings . Same goes for EVFs, though I love using tilting displays ( only works for vertical with Nex, unfortunately ).

But, like the OP, I love my Nexs for their size and weight and uncompromized image quality . That's where they shine, and what makes them the camera I carry instead of leaving it at home, like I often did with my DSLR .

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