Skin colour with D800 RAW files in Aperture 3.4

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Re: Skin colour with D800 RAW files in Aperture 3.4

andreben wrote:

Hi all,

I'm having some issues getting "accurate" skin tones using Aperture to edit my D800 RAW files.

So, my questions to those more experienced than myself:

1. Does anyone else observe that Aperture gives poor skin colour reproduction in particular, and somewhat overly saturated colour in general with D800 RAW files? Does anyone have a decent work-around or routine to help this? I don't want to always have to WB and colour adjust all files, although I probably should?

2 Secondly, does anyone know how Aperture 3.4 calculated it's "default" WB setting, i.e. reading the WB info off the RAW files or doing some image analysis and adjusting on it's own?



This shot has lighting challenges and white balance issues.  However, aside from that yes I have experienced problems with the color rendition from Aperture for skin tones (even in the best of lighting).  This includes the oversaturation of reds, the loss of highlight detail on fair skin, and unnatural contrast rendition (at times). Like you I was happy with the raw conversion in the past, but on the D4/D800 generation of cameras Aperture has pretty clearly "lost the recipe."  I also got to the point where it was obvious that the in camera jpegs were looking better, which is a pretty unfortunate.  I am a huge fan of Aperture, but they have now crossed the line in the sand in terms of raw conversion quality.

I would strongly suggest trying another raw converter: NX2,  LR 4.3, DxO 8.1... all of these will do better with skin tones... but make sure to get that white balance as close as you can.  NX2 does a particularly fine job on skin tones, but the latest version of ACR is also fantastic.

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