Canon 90 EX for beginner as a Master unit?

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Re: Canon 90 EX for beginner as a Master unit?

Appreciate the responses.

My goal is to take casual photos of family (baby, family) at home.  I'm not a professional, so I don't want to go overboard with spending, but I want better flash than my on camera flash.

I am thinking of getting the flash off camera by getting a 430 EX II ($250) and a Vello E-TTL cord that is 33' (~ $50), and also an umbrella with stand (maybe ~ $75 to $100).  That way I can experiment with off camera flash and hopefully get better photos.  The 90 EX flash is nice, but as you have commented, there are line of sight issues, it won't get any fill flash, and and it's $150.

I could always upgrade later, by getting a master flash (ex. 580 EX II) (that is ~ $500 so a bit much for me now), and use the 430 EX II as a slave, and maybe try a softbox.

I looked into the Yongnuo YN-565 EX Flash ($150), looks pretty nice, but not sure about the quality as compared with the 430 EX II.


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