Oly 12f2 or Oly 17f1.8?

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Never had the 12/2 have the 17/1.8 and an unmentioned 25/1.4?

Well I am enamored with the new 17/1.8 the AF is quick on par with my 45/1.8 prime, though the images aren't as tack sharp  the FL is ideal for deep FOV it offers a better perspective on street and outdoor candies I think capturing the environment as well.  Softness wide open at he edges is apparent, but the center and stopped down a little it crisps up nicely and has a character that I seem attracted to.  The 20mm had a similar feel on my Panasonic bodies but less so on the newer Oly bodies and the AF seems to be dated compared to the newer prime abilities.

another option either not mentioned or I skipped past was the PL25/1.4 I love this lens and it is my go to for fast candids and relatively acceptable for portraits even head and shoulders.

From your initial question though, the 12mm FL is impossibly distorted for most indoor candies of he kids and such unless the barrel distortion is what you are going for.

My opinion only....good luck image quality will be solid in each of them if you have a kit lens try playing with it taped into position at the FL and see what meets your needs or is most attractive to your eye.

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