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I've had the T2i since '09 and feel that i've outgrown it a bit. I shoot a little bit of everything. I don't shoot too much in the realm of sports however. Is it worth the upgrade from the t2i to the 60D or am I really looking at shelling out for a 7D to see an upgrade? (I'm able to shoot manual mode so Scene modes aren't really a necessity) I'm not a pro, just an advanced enthusiast Thanks for your opinions.

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60D is not a significant upgrade from a T2i. Even from a 450D (xsi) it isn;t a significant upgrade as I had the ability to use one a few days ago.

Having used both extensively I found it to be a significant upgrade to my 450D in many respects.

A more significant upgrade would be to a 5dmkii or 1D series camera.

Of course these would. They're in a whole different class.


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Hi Sovern...

Exactly, which is why they are significant upgrades.

I agree. Significant upgrades.

I used a 60D and a 450D at a paid event on New Years and honestly the difference in image quality and even build quality is small.

I don't get paid . But I, too, think the image quality is similar for screen view and most size prints.

The whole dual dial deal is over rated and both produce around the same image quality and even the same noise up to the xsi's max iso of 1600.

I like the dual dial idea. After using both dials for a while I found the duals fast for quick adjustments and a little easier than constantly holding another button to turn a single dial to utilize its other purpose. But that's just a personal thing. Either method works. I haven't run comparison tests on noise.

The 60D is what I would consider a minor upgrade and I would still fit it in with the Rebel series of cameras. Like I said a much better upgrade would be a 5Dii or even a 5DClassic if you primarily shoot portraiture or slow paced events with people such as weddings.

You're right. But for me the 'upgrades' were worth it for what, where and how I shoot the vast majority of time.

Unlike portraiture or weddings, I really don't shoot in controlled conditions for landscapes and wildlife. I'm often in the backcountry away from the car for 8-12 hours at a time in challenging terrain. Light and weather changes constantly. So for me, what I considered upgrades from the 450D were based solely for my own needs. I'm really not a gear head that needs the new version of everything that comes out. (Although I'd not turn down one of the 5D's if I came in to some extra money  )

The 60D gave me a little boost in MP and max resolution (and the Digic 4 processor) for shooting wildlife where sometimes it's geographically impossible to get closer (mountain goats across a valley, for instance). Tighter crops are possible with better results.

The articulated screen protects the LCD better. When not being hand carried, the camera is in a large pack with more stuff than most people would ever need, but necessary if "something happens" when I'm out there....not including other camera gear.

The pentaprism viewfinder is nicer at dusk and dawn.

Max shutter speed (2x faster) and faster FPS along with a 16-frame RAW buffer instead of 6 is better for some wildlife shots.

The optical level, not available in the 450D, is great for me because in the mountains, especially above timberline, there is little to guage horizontal. Hotshoe cubes can get hung up in a pack or lost.

I often need to selectively choose AF points because multiple terrain features typically lie between the camera and subject. All AF points are cross-type on the 60D which contributes to better AF in some situations, like shooting a white bird against a snow background, etc.

While not totally weather sealed, I needed something at least a little better than the 450 because of the environment where I most often shoot.

I agree that the reasons I moved up are not a major upgrade. These are just features that met my needs, and probably not justified for most other people.

The 60D is basically a Rebel with the ergonomics of a professional camera such as the 5D series or 1D series cameras. It still has that 1.6X crop factor and will perform as so but it will have better ergonomics.

Okay, so basically a Rebel. I can agree with you somewhat on that. And it's not close to the 7D or or 5Dx for many things. But the 60D does have some additional features not found in my older 450D that some people might deem attractive/useful for their situation.

Thanks for commenting, Sovern.


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