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Roland Karlsson wrote:

MatthewWegner wrote:

Speaking as a Pentax shooter eyeballing a switch to a FF body, I wouldn't discount it as "really small". There are a lot of perspective-related benefits to FF if you shoot in a small studio space.


Why should it be?

A full frame sensor can see more of the scene than an APS-C crop sensor.

I have my garage set up as a studio; I can only back so far up because it's a fairly small space.  This isn't just my situation, either--it's especially true of location shoots (trying to shoot portraits inside a rustic cabin with afternoon light, etc).

If I can't move my feet any further back, because of location constraints, I have to use a wider lens.  This means more perspective distortion.  A 35mm lens on a 35mm body has a wider field of view than a 35mm on a crop sensor body.  It isn't that the crop sensor is "magnifying" anything--I'm actually losing field of view.

The only way to match frames with FF on APS-C is to go wider, and that really starts to screw with faces.  It depends on style, but perspective flattening on the face looks quite flattering around 40-50mm, which is actually fairly tight if you're using a crop sensor.

(Medium format goes even farther past FF, in the other direction, which is a big reason MF fashion shots look so distinct from crop sensor shots).

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