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Re: PX13 battery substitute

fotowbert wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

There are several easy and reliable substitutes for mercury batteries, so in almost all cases, battery compatibility doesn't have to be an issue...

Rol Lei Nut,

The PX13 (or equivalent) was a very commonly used mercury battery. The last time I looked, which was a few years ago, there was no satisfactory drop in replacement for a single PX13 that provided a stable 1.35 volts for a reasonable length of time. Has something new become available?

I have lots of old gear that use this battery


There are:

1) Wein cells - Directly replace a PX-13, though expensive.

2) Hearing aid batteries, usually need some kind of adapter to fit (can be a ball of alu foil, a washer, ect.)

3) CRIS (and similar), are form factor PX-13 adapters which take silver cells and convert the voltage to 1.35

4) If you have a camera CLA'd, you can have the meter adjusted to be accurate using silver cells.

5) Some cameras having bridge circuits (Pentax Spotmatics and I think the K-seires  + others) are not influenced by the voltage, so can use silver cells, alkaline, ect. (a rubber washer or alu foil wad may be needed for fit).

So I might have forgottten a solution or two, but I have sevearal "mercury era" cameras and light meters which I use without any problems...

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