Refurbished D800 and D800e

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Re: Refurbished D800 and D800e

DuaneV wrote:

I honestly don't see the point in buying refurbed stuff. I mean, the savings are so insignificant that it just doesn't seem worth it to me. Recently Amazon had d800's for $2700. That's a BRAND NEW camera with full Nikon warranty. Adorama currently has refurbed d800's for $2300 with a 90 DAY warranty. I mean, when youre dropping thousands on a camera body alone, $400 bucks to get a brand new one with full warranty seems like the smart way to go. When I bought my d800 I went back and forth over it until my wife put it to me like that. I was like, "What the hell am I thinking?!" and bought a new one.

Good analysis; very well stated.    I, too, would not consider a refurb unless I could save AT LEAST 33% off the cost of a brand new item.   40% would be better.

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