Printing with NX2 verses Photoshop

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Re: I use PS and NX2

I use the Windows version so hopefully the MAC version is similar.

1. Set up in Preferences as follows, only check that one box.  Use sRGB until you get comfortable about printing with sRGB and then swtich to AdobeRGB if needed. The Printer Profile listed here is only used (it's the dfault)when you soft proof, there is another profile list in soft proofing if you need to select another profile, so I recommend you don't check this Profile Box.

2. Load you photo file and edit.

3.  Click on Print

4.  In the Print Box, the settings...

5.  Choose your profile from the list, the intent, BPC.

If you click on Source Profile box, what that means is that it will use the Printer driver only (no ICC profiles, they will be grey'd out).

6.  Click on Print, in Windows it takes you to another print window where you choose your printer model and it's Preferences (see Pref photo below)), in this case you must turn off color managment in the Printer Driver's Mode list, then click on Print  and you should get a perfect print.

It's quite simple to print from NX2, and the print IQ from PS or LR will be identical.

Hopefully this is enough for you to use with the MAC version.  If not, go to the Nikon FX frum and post the same question but tell them you have a MAC version and someone there will fill you in.

Bob P.

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