RX100 Video Formats

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Re: RX100 Video Formats

tuxutat wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

zoranT wrote:

Good News for you: The camera actually records 25p, it only stores it as 50i - half frames. So like the 50p AVCHD, it only designates a form of storage.

Zoran, are you sure about this? I have read that the RX100 is unlike most cameras, and truly records interlaced frames, and does not frame double.

I think this is true, because my RX100 has very intrusive interlace combing when I pan, unlike other digital cameras I have had that frame double.

I checked this once by looking at the raw, non-deinterlaced material frame by frame. It is indeed true 50i, no frame doubling.

Then I don t get their policy, why did they change what they have done with the NEXes for data storage reasons? Are they going to build TVs again, or what? Who needs interlaced footage? For what purpose?

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