Does refurbished mean "just like new"?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
Leigh A. Wax Senior Member • Posts: 1,055
Re: Does refurbished mean "just like new"?

With a new product you're getting a unit of which one out of a selected number is "pulled off" the "assembly line", and if within spec, it's assumed that those preceding it are also within spec.

Factory Refurbished should equate to a product of which the specific unit you're receiving has been checked/adjusted to spec.

The big difference is the Warranty:

New- 1 year, or 2 years if purchased with a Credit Card that offers double warranty (Visa Platinum, etc.)

Refurbished= 90 days with no additional options.

One out of warranty repair could easily end up making the cost of the Refurb. more than the New.

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