HS30 First impressions.

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Re: Remembrance of cameras past.

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

Danielepaolo wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

It stops til it is as smooth as X-S1. No droopage, no creeps, no buzz. Just one twist.

Joms, he was never going to like it.

I recall that when Canon's 14mp G10 came out several years ago it was highly praised for its image quality, even by pros but only in good light, because its high ISO performance was pretty poor. Kim got one and agreed, so his nemesis began trashing the G10 at every opportunity.

Yes, a very memorable time ...

But the criticism was a bit empty since said nemesis's oft repeated watchwords were "you can't talk about a camera if you don't own one or use one". So one day he announced that he found one at such a great price that it was too good to pass up. He immediately started creating threads trying to convince and demonstrate how terrible the G10 was. Shortly after this he announced that he no longer owned the camera - he gave the G10 to his wife. I don't thing that Paul will give the HS30 away. He'll probably sell it for a tidy profit, even though he too, happened to find it for a great price.

Unlike that other fella, Paul does go through a lot of cameras and his criticisms are generally accurate. He does not make stuff up to suit an agenda.

However, I do wish he would try to also find and acknowledge the good points for each of these cameras and then post both when he feels like answering questions about whether a camera is any good. Thus allowing people to make more informed decisions.

Focusing only on weak or bad points (or the corollary of denying them outright as others seem to like to do) leads to polarization of the forum with no benefit to anyone, especially readers who want to know if the camera might suit their own style of shooting.

The bad always out-ways the good, It's like an ugly girlfriend, she might be great in bed but you wouldn't want to be seen out with her.


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