16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

I do not have a phase detect nex [just two 5Ns which serve me fine today] -- but given that phase detect is essentially an open-loop system [the lens is driven 'directly' to the point where the controller expects focus] and not close-loop like contrast focus [the lens 'hunts' as the controller maximizes contrast], I'm surprised the nex pdaf [apparently?] does not include per-lens focus fine-tuning like many dslrs.  Could this be a hidden service option?  While I'm not sure fine tuning would help if the problem is not linear across all focal lengths, I haven't seen anyone mention the basic capability.

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