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John_A_G wrote:

bavarius6 wrote:

I agree about the flash system on Pentax (on bounce at least), less so on the focus system. I've seen tests that show the Pentax AF is faster than the Canikon alternatives although most would say it's not as good at tracking fast moving objects.

You need to stop thinking of the Canon 60d or nikon d5000 as the competition. if you think the focus syhstem is on par with what the 5dIII provides I submit you are very misinformed.

I don't think the 60d or the d5000 are the competition to the K5II, I think the 7d and the d7000 are.  I personally never would have considered the 5dIII as a competitor as it's in a totally different price sector (even the cheaper 6d is) and I'm surprised that anyone does.

As for the 24mp APS-C I don't see how producing yet another APS-C body with a sensor that would struggle to compete with the sensor in the K5+(II)+s for noise and the K5IIs for resolution is going to help Pentax blow open the market. It seems to me the K5II's spec is so complete there just isn't any space above it for another APS-C body, maybe FF is the only way to go for Pentax.


Pat - the problem with that theory is you're talking about eking out pixel level IQ benefits. Minor IQ increases will keep existing Pentax users happy but won't grow the business at the upper end of the camera spectrum. Pentax has no lenses to attract serious sports photographers. They're reliant on third party lenses. m They don't have the focus systems that event, sports, widlife and PJ photographers benefit from (remember, the mark here is NOT what does a 60d or d5000 do - you have to look at 5dIII and d800 level focus systems because that is what the competition has). Full frame alone will make some existing Pentax users giddy. At the entry level Pentax can compete on price. But the "yeah but the k5 costs a lot less than the d800 or 5diii) doesn't get people who WANT the better focus, better flash, and wider range of lenses and ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT crowd to come to Pentax.

The number of potential buyers who want the benefit of full frame but don't care about the other stuff is really small. The "other" stuff is far more important at the high end of the camera spectrum.

I might be misunderstanding you but you appear to be of the opinion that Pentax needs to invest in building a 'super' APS-C body with all the top end tech that their competitors put into their top end full frame bodies.  So they, no doubt, would end up with the best APS-C body that nobody would want because for a little bit more outlay more they could have the better IQ of a larger sensor from somebody else.

If Pentax are going to grow yes I totally agree they need a better lens line-up, focus systems, flash system but they also need a logical line of progression for aspiring 'serious' photographers who at the moment are turning to the competition to get a FF body.  FF sensors no longer cost the earth and there's no good reason why Pentax shouldn't top their line-up with an enthusiast/semi-pro FF body IMO.


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