Nikon 35/2D Good enough for D700 ?

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Re: Nikon 35/2D Good enough for D700 ?

GS2000 wrote:

Hi All,

Looking for my #1 walkaround lens. For a while I thought it would be the 28/1.8G but as like people inside my frames I think 35mm would be better.

For a while I was sure it's going to be the new Sigma but as I'm a bokeh freek I didn't like at all what I've seen. The Nikon 35/1.4G looks a lot better when it comes to bokeh - but I think it's out of my budget...

So unless an updated 35/1.8 FX appears the only AF option left is the Nikon 35/2D.

Is it good enough on the D700 wide open ?

Thanks a lot,


The 35 f2D is a great lens; one of my consistently sharpest lenses stopped down a little.   Also, good contrast and color rendition.    However, it does need to be stopped down to obtain great sharpness; i.e., at least f4, with f5.6 - f8 being even better.    I would not recommend shooting this lens wide open to get best results.

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