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My take..

Forget Nikon I used them for nearly a year and in 5 DSLR purchases every body I bought had AF problems out of the box, and they did not fix it properly either. Terrible QC with Nikon D800 issues with AF too, dust/oil splats D600. Nice on paper but do you really want to have half your shots out of focus or back focussed?

Canon, I'm not a Canon fan never have been but. Well you'd be ill advised to rule them out they have a big system and a full range of products top to bottom.

Sony only 2 reasons to look at them:

1: You have a bunch of Minolta lenses and stuff

2: You intend to buy a bunch of classic Minolta glass on ebay for a song and build a system for relatively peanuts.

Not knocking Sony but they have a take it or leave it approach that I'm not overly fond of myself (and yes I have an SLT camera too) Really you have to sit down and look at what your needs are. A99 well the price in Europe is staggeringly stupid and it's not that great elsewhere either.

Maybe you should take a look at a s/h A900 if you want full frame

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