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Re: (slight) difference

inasir1971 wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

The (slight) difference between the high ISO performance of the D4 and D800 sensors

Why Nikon bothered with D4 sensor than?

Aptina's DR pix


The additional stop or so is significant, the technology to push the data from a 36MP sensor at 10 fps wasn't in place, the processing power to deal with it at that rate isn't in the EXPEED3, and not having all their eggs in the Sony/Exmor basket. The technology of the D4 sensor seems better suited to higher ISO's.

How can something be both "slight" and "significant"...? Besides, I don't see why you avoid the DR difference, which might be another stop measurable (as DXO finds) but usable is different... pros don't like to have their pictures looking unnatural as taking the "max" possible DR would do... do they? They rather want them salable!  Some "very clever" (not you) posters that care more about how much DR they can extract from a scene, than how their pictures (or their photography) looks are more interest in tests and "can't" (oh, they can alright) understand the difference between measurable and useful DR!  Of course speed (and buffer) is affected by volume of data...

You could (and will probably) have a 24MP sensor using the technology used in the D4 and a 24MP Exmor one and they would behave differently. Attributing the differences to the pixel pitch is simply incorrect.

Pixel size (despite the technology used) is still relevant to the engineering aimed goal to be achieved... and as such, it is implemented in each different technology to achieve this goal... Does anyone (here) thinks that knows better than ...Canon engineers? Is there anyone who denies that D600's 24mpx sensor competes directly with D800's 36mpx sensor in all aspects of photography, including equal size prints? Is there anyone who denies that was the vice president of Nikon the one who gave an interview in DPR 2 years ago... declaring that "the megapixel war is long over"? ...and it is! Resolution of a sensor is a less important factor to achieve IQ than it was in the past and it doesn't much concern experienced or pro photographers either... they are after "real IQ"... Less important to IQ, but relevant to the engineering goal to be achieved... I guess that sums it up!



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