Panning a scene with your viewfinder

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Re: Panning a scene with your viewfinder

davemj98 wrote:

To refine the origional post, I never suggested that the 99 could not shoot a fast action shot. My issue is getting a series of consecutive shots with fast action becomes problematic due to the EVF of SLT's. Never said it could not be done, and as my equipment list shows, I am fully vested in the Sony system. In fact I am very envious of the improvements that have been made, and wish I could have them. I am totally Full Frame, and wanted the 99 to fulfill my needs, but it does not, and I just hoped that there might be an OVF the equal of the 900 by Sony.


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And that is precisely the point being missed by those posting examples of good action captures.  If you fire off enough shots, you don't need any VF.  Dumb luck will get some keepers.  But as you say, it is a whole different ball game when you are trying to capture a sequence of action.

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