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I've seen that argument posted here plenty of times, and I think that Nikon's processing pipeline capabilities well exceed that requirement even in the consumer arena, don't think that the D800 with 36.2MP at 4fps is anywhere close to a processing limitation. For proof of this, look at the mirrorless systems from Sony, Nikon, and others. The V2 can fully process 12 bit RAW images, 14MP, at 60 fps (with some limitations, but the data-rate is there), so the processing challenges I keep hearing here on this forum from numerous people, are way way off. Powering a shutter takes some juice and durable materials, but the DX shutter is smaller and lighter than an FX shutter regardless, so that's not a challenge that even at a higher frame-rate than everyone's dreaming about, an expensive shutter appropriate for the D400 cannot handle.

So, you apparently think that Nikon is limiting the D800 to 4fps for some marketing reason and that they could have easily gone faster if they wanted to?

I see your point, but please let me stop you right there, as I believe that your assumption of "what I'm thinking" is incorrect. I do believe that the processor in the D800 is at it's reasonable limit... data supports that, and it's known what the current D800 version of Expeed 3 processor is and is not capable of. And IF you assume that the new D400 or whatever is LIMITED to the current processor in the D800, and no more, then you would be correct.

However, technology moves along, and Nikon's technology limitation for the processing pipeline is a little bit ahead of what's in the current DSLR's. The have said so themselves when discussing the record breaking processing power of the Nikon 1 System, as they've just upped the processor speed another 25% last year (it was initially not too far ahead of the same processing speed as the D800). That's a fact. Most people agree that what they have learned with that project technology in many aspects will be coming to DSLR's. So, it's reasonable that we will see similar advances come through for the D400 (or whatever, D9000). Many here say it's not, but merely looking at the data, their capabilities, and the current technology, yes. Over 840 million 12 bit RAW pixels per in their lower tier cameras, so they should be able to beat that with their next update of Expeed for the DSLR's. Canon is moving beyond what they had last year, which is more than what they had the year before. The rumored speed of the 7D Mark II are way beyond the 5D Mark III already, and Nikon has been by far the speed leader here.

If you say that the current DSLR version of the Expeed 3 as all they can do, than you are welcome to continue to do so, it's a free country.

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