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Anastigmat wrote:

Even a company as big as Canon and as experienced in full frame DSLR cameras as Canon tried to stay too long with the 1.3x crop sensor in its 1D MkIV, even though they lost a lot of professional customers to Nikon's D3 in 2008, which was full frame and a sports model. It wasn't until 3 years later that they finally came out with the 1D-X. Therefore, my guess is that it would be some time in 2015 that Pentax will bring out a full frame, because I see the same sort of resistance to the idea of a full frame I saw in Canon. Nikon had to fire those old fart executives who refused to release a full frame DSLR, claiming that the APS-C sensor was already "good enough." Perhaps Pentax will need to do that. If Ricoh becomes impatient and takes over control of management of Pentax, we may see a FF sooner. If current executives remain in control, we may continue to see them drag their feet until they retire or they croak. There seems to be some sort of superstition against FF DSLR cameras inside Pentax management, in addition to financial concerns. We shall see.

Yes, a very plausible scenario: Pentax management took the big bet on APS-C combined with MF in the 645D, thus gazing at other formats might well be seen as disloyal and subverting the consensus among senior management. So they have never really wanted to do FF and were hoping it would somehow just go away even though they can't come out and say that in public.

Now they've got themselves into a pickle because FF has quickly become more prominent than they anticipated. I've no idea what the answer is. If they produce a me-too FF DSLR, it will appeal to a few per cent of the faithful - and there are only a few of those - but probably not all that much to new buyers who will see in Canon and Nikon full systems with a full suite of lenses Pentax cannot remotely offer. And if you've got the money for FF in the first place, I'd guess that plumping for a brand which already has a full, tried and tested FF system is a no-brainer.

On the other hand, if Pentax break the mould and produce, say, an FF mirrorless with a modern new mount to allow a more compact size of camera, they will likely attract more new buyers but cause uproar among the faithful who are sitting on their collections of granpappy's legacy glass and hoping for a "cheap" FF solution because they will mainly only need a body. An advantage of a mirrorless, perhaps looking like a rangefinder Fuji-stylee, is that no one would really expect more than 6-8 lenses for it and 3-4 would do fine for starters.

Anyway, on verra as you say. FF wouldn't be for me anyway. I doubt I could afford it and for myself I'd much prefer a smoking hot, bullet-proof fixed-lens camera under the Ricoh brand which would become the cam for street photography, a kind of Fuji X100 on steroids perhaps or even using a smaller 1" sensor.

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