Wow - my D700 is still relevant!

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Re: Wow - my D700 is still relevant!

Sutto wrote:

I am trying to get a handle on all of the hype that is around lately - in regards to the latest wizbang new release cameras, and whether or not I need to spend more money and update. I am sure a lot of you know what I am talking about. I want to make an informed decision, and not spend money on gear that I don't really NEED. I feel that my D700 is still an awesome camera, and it still amazes me with awesome images. However, I have been caught up in the excitement of late and have been reading lots of reviews on the D600, D800, D4 and Canon 5Diii.

I am a semi-pro and travel up to six months a year shooting pic's for the website. I am currently in Vietnam photographing the Temples in HCMC. So I kind of have a vested interest in making sure that my gear is still up to it and at least keeping up with what technology has developed and what other guys are using.

I have been wondering if I should upgrade to a D600. I jumped on DxOMark to check out some scores. My D700 scored an overall 80, and the D600 was a very good 94. However, the thing that blew me away was the score for the Canon 5Diii. The guys who bought those must be really spewing. My Nikon scored higher on all of the parameters, except one, and for portraits it only scored .5 less (Canon 24, Nikon 23.5).

What am I trying to say. Well, a lot of people are rushing out to buy the latest to keep up with technology and to feel that they have the best gear available. I even know of several guys who have 'updated' to a 5Diii, and Ken Rockwell (please forgive me - I will now rush out and wash my mouth out with soap), says that it is the best DSLR available right now - and his personal favorite. To read that my 6 year old Nikon is right up there with Canon's latest, just affirms what I already thought - my gear is good to go.


For web use, even the D40 is relevant.

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