Understanding role of Processing Engine in RAW

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Imamul89 wrote:

According to the official website of Nikon, "The image processing of the EXPEED 3 is excellent at color reproduction, gradation processing and image quality at high sensitivity. It reproduces human skin tone, eyelashes and hair more faithfully." While this might have significant influence on JPEG outputs, I wonder how much this will affect RAW outputs. If two cameras have same sensors, and one is equipped with Expeed 2 and the other with Expeed 3, their JPEG outputs might differ. But will their RAW outputs differ? I believe the RAW output is solely based on the sensor, and isn't processed in-camera, so is it correct to assume that processing engines have no impact on RAW outputs?

I think jack is correct here. I would also point out that The newer engine might also have a positive impact on Active D-Lighting (ADL) and that can be a plus to both the Jpeg only workflow and the Raw only workflow.

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