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Re: Yes.....

Craig wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Petruska wrote:

it's a shame that Apple doesn't work more closely with Epson to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

What issues are you having with Mac OS? Have you dissabled Colorsync? It's a simple check box. It's important to understand the OS whatever platform you're using.

I'm running the latest Mac OS with CS6, Nik software suite, PTgui stitching software, Color Munki Photo, and Epson 3880 and setup and operation has been simple and straight-forward with no issues. Expert printers like Keith Cooper use Mac OS exclusively for their commercial work and gallery prints. The majority of users having problems in this forum are running Windows. Does that mean Windows is the problem? I think not.


Hi Sal

Explain to me about Color sync? I don't the ins and outs on this..

Where is the check box you are talking about..

What should be the settings? I opened up the Sync app. not sure what I should see..

Here you go. Lots of good info on printing out of a MAC:

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