Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

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Re: Samsung EX2/EX2F - picture quality

Chris62 wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

Absolutely wrong.

And wrong again. I have both cameras and you observations are erroneous.


Great, so if you have both cameras you can proove I'm wrong - yes?

Look at ISO 3200 samples (it can be from dpreview comparison scene) - fine detail is removed and optics outside the center give poor quality and if you look in RAW file you can see dark corners it means lens is too small for this sensor size.

It is dissaponting because EX1 has better optics and software.

I do not understand what for this BSI CMOS is if quality is worse.

It's a pitty Samsung did camera goodmaybe for Face Book pictures not for advanced photographers - but what is the reason? Galaxy camera is not enough?

Greetings - I hope, You will proove you're right not me.

Chris, you aren`t really serious about using or judging this camera at ISO 3200 are you?

I have the LX7 and as good as it is and as good as the reviews of it are , there is no way the camera is useable at ISO3200. How could you expect anything different or better from the EX2?

My advice is to get a dslr if you really  need to shoot above 800.

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