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jtoolman wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Petruska wrote:

it's a shame that Apple doesn't work more closely with Epson to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

What issues are you having with Mac OS? Have you dissabled Colorsync? It's a simple check box. It's important to understand the OS whatever platform you're using.

I agree! A lot of MAC users will FORGET to that though. You obviously know how to print out of a MAC but many do not.

I hope CRAIG is reading this!

It is really crucial specially when printing to Canon Printers.

I'm running the latest Mac OS with CS6, Nik software suite, PTgui stitching software, Color Munki Photo, and Epson 3880 and setup and operation has been simple and straight-forward with no issues. Expert printers like Keith Cooper use Mac OS exclusively for their commercial work and gallery prints. The majority of users having problems in this forum are running Windows. Does that mean Windows is the problem? I think not.

Well now, I will have to disagree there. It seems that every single time I come accross a really weird or odd problem. I am not talking about the Never Ending " My prints are too dark " Problem.

The OP will often forget to point out from what OS they are printing from. I will pause and think,,, MAC? When asked to give more info, it very often turns out that it was indeed OS 10.xx.

I am NOT at all saying that the MAC OS is the culprit. We all know that MAC is being used by 1000s graphic artists and photographers with 100% success. The culprit is often the Drivers from Epson not playing well with the MAC OS. However, I am not sure who is really not playing well with each other. Is it Epson or is it Apple.

By the way I used to work exclusively with MACs at work, printing dozens of 3 foot wide scientific posters ( which had to be perfect ) so I am familiar with how to properly print with them.

That's my point.  You make prints on Mac OS that have to be perfect, but you are experienced.  There are plenty of inexperienced people using Windows, like the OP, and Mac OS that will inevitably have problems with both.  There's no need to blame the OS in either case, experience counts when making high-quality prints.


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