OIL, Copperhill Products , PecPads or QuickStrips ? What is Best?

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DVSteve, the LensPen "lighted" scope really helps

DVSteve wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

3) bought my lighted sensor Scope from Amazon $30 (it was also from LensPen) and it "Really, Really" made the job easier.

Are you truly able to see all of the spots on the sensor with this? I've wanted to get one, but regardless of brand, the reviews are all over the place from great to garbage.

DVSteve,  the LensPen  "lighted" scope really helps.

When I first started looking at the sensor ... in my office , at night.  I  really could not see the small oil spots left over ,  that a  test shot and 100% contrast would show clearly.

But, using the scope is not a just place it on , turn on the light , and "all is reveled" , NO.

You need to find the right ANGLE  to see it well.  and the Light helps imho.  big time.

for me, looking at it straight down did not help me.

I pretty much never shoot higher than f11  ... but I am the kind of guy that has to have it clean on f16 at least  LOL   ...  so, you pretty much need a scope like this one.  

I have seen others do it without a scope.  for me,  I cannot do it without one.

IF, you can keep your  SensorKlear  pen clean and dry  ... it's amazingly easy to do small clean ups.    ... take a Big note of the big "IF, you keep it clean".  it's the sticky oily stuff you got to keep the SensorKlear away from.   So, it's basically AFTER  you Wet Clean , and the Sensor is dry.


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