How do I disable the internal flash when using an external speedlite wirelessly on the 60D?

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Re: How do I disable the internal flash when using an external speedlite wirelessly on the 60D?

apersson850 wrote:

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I'm new here, but have come for help to a problem I'm having.

I own a 60D and a Speedlite 600 EX-RT. No problem using them connected.

By this I assume having the 600 EX-RT in the camera's hot shoe.


I've also managed to connect wirelessly to the Speedlite and use the built-in flash as the slave and the Speedlite as the master.

It's the other way around. The built-in is the master, the Speedlite is the slave.

Also correct, my mistake. I understood correctly, just used the wrong terms

According to the user manual and other sources, I should be easily able to disable the internal flash from flashing and only using the wirelessly connected Speedlite.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do in the settings, I can only ever either fire both, or neither of the flashes.

Which is because the internal flash controls the slave flash by sending coded pulses of light to it. Perhaps you are confused about the word "wireless", since many Americans associate that with "using radio" rather than the literal meaning "not using any wire". The internal flash uses light to control the slave. No wire, but not radio either. The 600 EX-RT has radio capability too, but you can't use that when controlling it with the internal flash in the 60D.

Thsi was really helpful information.  I understood that it wasn't radio, but thought maybe it was through infrared, but that it uses the actual flash light itself I had no idea of.  Makes perfect sense now.

It's a little frustrating. I'm not totally new to photography or even SLR cameras, but it was many years ago (before the digital photography age) that I was really fit. Now I feel I'm learning totally from scratch - fun but a bit slow.

Maybe someone out there has had the same situation and can help me, or point me in the right direction? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The correct answers were given above, so I don't repeat them. The only thing that was wrong was the statement that there are only pre-flashes from the internal flash, but that was corrected in another post.

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Thanks for your help.  Together with the others, I now understand the whole system better. I wish I could declare more than one answer!

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