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Tom Caldwell wrote:

Thanks for the review, the CX has become very complex. I have not upgraded from the CX1 (!) what an advance! Is it true that the CX6 is the first to re-adopt thr phase detect windows?

CX5 was the first CX with PD AF. But CX4 is not much slower according to test which Pavel made between the 4 and 5. It is at the long end of the zoom which the improvement might be noticeable. Probably not so much at 28mm.

The major con with the CX4 is that it not seems to offer continues AF in movie mode. I don't know if the CX5 have that feature or not. But CX4 certainly have at least marginally lower default NR than CX5 and CX6, which I've seen in reviews.

I some doubt that these three would have equal noise-pattern with Nr set to Off, considering how unwilly Ricoh have been to add real Nr Off.

I listed links to review which have full size sample images from the last three CX cameras a while back.

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