Sony A99 a dead end?

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Re: no, but... Re: Sony A99 a dead end?

arie wrote:

for god sake, why don't they focus on building the greatest still DSLR instead of a hybrid still/video camera? If you're a pro videographer, you're going to use a dedicated video camera, not a camera that can take video. It's a NOVEL thing to get video clips of things you're really there to capture stills of. So why not just focus on making the best still camera out instead of a swiss army knife? I don't get it.

They did, the a900.

Upgrades might include an alternate model w/o an AA filter or with more pixels or better auto focus (for those who think they get better results letting the camera do everything except framing the subject).

24mp, Zeiss glass, in camera stabilization, brilliant 100% viewfinder and excellent low ISO results -- and maybe a reasonably priced upgrade when sensors are noise free at ISO 256,000.

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